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How many treats should I give to my dog?
If you don't give your dog enough chews you might not see results. If you give them too many you risk putting their nutrient balance off. We recommend the following serving suggestions: use table from here.

You can give your dog the treats all at once or spread them out throughout the day.
How long will your supplement treats take to work?
It really depends on a dog, but 80-90% of our customers see positive results in their dogs' health issues within 30-days of consistent and correct use.
Are your products safe to use with other prescription medications?
All of our products are made with natural ingredients and have no harmful side effects. Many of our customers see significant improvements in their dogs' health issues but customers may need to continue with their treatment of prescription medication. Please consult with your veterinarian before making any changes to a prescribed medication routine.
Do your products that contain hemp have THC in them and will
they make my dog high?
Absolutely not! The Organic Hemp Powder and Oil that we use is 100% free of THC. Your dog will not get high off our products that contain hemp but will get the health benefits of hemp to help address their joint, anxiety and skin/coat issues.
Are your supplement treats for all dogs of all sizes and breeds?
Absolutely! Pet Doctor Natural chews are totally safe for puppies, old dogs, small dogs and big dogs. Please just follow the dosage directions on the back of the bottle to make sure you're giving the correct amount.
Are your products really safe?
Yes! Our soft chew products have been formulated by vet science experts and approved by veterinarians. They're made with natural ingredients and are both safe and effective.These chews are made in the USA, with USA grown and processed ingredient. All the ingredients are sourced in the USA, while the treats are produced in FDA-registered facilities following the strictest GMP compliance guidelines.
Can I give these chews to pregnant or breastfeeding dog?
Use of Pet Doctor Natural chews in pregnant or breastfeeding dogs has not been tested. Please check with your veterinarian before giving our supplement treats to a dog that is pregnant or breastfeeding.
My dog is reluctant to eat these treats. What should I do?
If for some reason you have a picky eater and your dog still doesn't like them we recommend mixing the chews in with their food or wrapping them in a small piece of good quality deli meat or peanut butter.
Why are your treats in a soft chew form instead of pill, tablet or powder form?
Pills and powders are often cheaper to make. They're not tasty, they deliver no additional
benefits in efficacy and they're difficult to administer either by mixing into food or wrapping in a tasty treat to make them more appetizing. Our supplement chews come in an easy to give, delicious soft chew flavored with all-natural bacon flavor. They act more like a treat than medicine you have to force your dog to take.
Are dog vitamins and supplements a good idea for my dog?
Dogs don't have nine lives, so it's important to give them the best life you can. Sometimes food alone will not meet all your dog's health requirements. When you have a dog with special medical needs, supplements or vitamins can be great ways to help your dog live a happy, healthy and active lifestyle. Most dogs don't need supplements until they are much older, but some dogs may require supplements from an early age due to different genetics.
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