Do you want to live long? Get a dog.

Do you want to live long? Get a dog.

Canadian scientists have shown that the life expectancy of dog owners increases by 24% in comparison with the average. 4 million people from 8 countries became participants in the experiment.

Two factors were used as assessment criteria:
✔ a person has one or more dogs;
✔ the length of his life.

Analysis of the data obtained showed that mortality among dog owners was 24% lower than the average. This result was especially clearly seen in the group of people with cardiovascular diseases.
Based on the experimental data, it is safe to say that people living with dogs are much less likely to die from heart pathologies.

Another interesting discovery concerns test participants who have already suffered a stroke or heart attack. The risk of death in this group with a dog was reduced to 31%.

This effect is explained very simply:

 The dog needs to be walked several times daily. As a result, a person is forced to move, even if he does not want to. It is movement that is the most important factor in the normal functioning of the heart.
Pets can help manage stress. People who have dogs experience more positive emotions; they are less stressed and less likely to suffer from depression.

The main secret of longevity is regular physical activity and more positive emotions! Make a four-legged friend, give him your love, and he will make your life long and happy!

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